Ang Pao eZlink Card Lanyard / Access Card Lanyard (Intermediate level)

Time to upcycle your past years’ ang pao packets!



Eco Cushion (Advanced level)

Give old cushions a new lease of life.



Cable Car Terrarium (Intermediate level)

Do not throw your finished beverage cartons. Create your very first cable car!



Elephant Keychain (Intermediate level)

Convert your beverage cartons and used keychains into a creative fun



L-Shaped Zipper Pouch (Advanced level)

This workshop is simply therapeutic!



Bright Smile Reusable Mask (Intermediate level)

Let us see that smile through the mask.


Landscape Food Packaging Crossbody Sling Bag (Advanced level)

Transform the food packaging into a useful piece.



Portrait Food Packaging Crossbody Sling Bag (Advanced level)

Save the food packaging and complete your outfits!



L-Shaped Mask Holder (Intermediate level)


The Ultimate Reversible Tote Bag (Advanced level)


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