Educational Talks & Training

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We conduct environmental sustainability talks for schools and organizations, on the different ways everyone can recycle in their daily lives and operations. We also provide training sessions to eco-ambassadors in the organizations.

 Renewability and Sustainable
Development Talk

Environmental Sustainability Talk

We provide environmental sustainability sharings on 3Rs, upcycling, zero-waste, and clean energies. There will be no costs for special groups and charitable organisations. Contact us to find out more.

Upcycled Beverage Carton Lamp Shade

Upcycled Beverage Carton Gift Box

Upcycled Beverage Carton Basket

Upcycled Beverage Carton Coaster

Upcycled Beverage Carton Coin Purse

Upcycled Beverage Carton Fan

Upcycled Plastic Packaging Pouch

classic zipper pouch

Upcycled Aluminum Ring Tab Wristlet cum Christmas deco

aluminium wreath

Upcycled Magazine Page Corner Bookmark

Upcycled Magazine Vase

Upcycled Newspaper Bowl

Recycled Paper Seed Bomb

Upcycled Shirt Mask

Food Waste Cleaning Enzyme

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