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Climate Friendly Households Programme

Launched on 28 November 2020, the Climate Friendly Households Programme (CFHP) is a joint initiative by NEA and PUB which aims to encourage households to take climate actions to reduce energy and water consumption, while saving costs in the long run.

All 1-, 2- and 3-room HDB households can receive 3 separate electronic vouchers with a validity until 31 Dec 2023:

  1. one $150 voucher to offset the cost of a 3-ticks and above energy efficient and climate-friendly refrigerator,
  2. one $50 voucher to purchase 3-ticks water efficient shower fittings (including installation costs if required) and,
  3. one $25 voucher to purchase LED lights

Upon applying for the vouchers, residents will receive their vouchers via SMS within 2 days. To redeem, simply present the electronic voucher on the mobile phone together with your NRIC at the payment counter of participating stores. For more information, visit: www.go.gov.sg/cfhp.

Recycle Right 2023 Campaign

NEA will be launching this year’s Recycle Right campaign on 14 September 2023. This year’s campaign continues to encourage the public to recycle more and recycle right, and to reduce contamination in the recycling bins and chutes. For this year’s campaign, the key message is to encourage to the public to ‘Treat Bloobin Better’.

Treat Bloobin Better

Are you feeding Bloobin what he really wants?

Throwing rubbish into Bloobin causes recyclables to be contaminated and even makes him sick! 🤒 It’s now up to you to nurse him back to health.

#TreatBloobinBetter at go.gov.sg/TreatBloobinBetter (#linkinbio) and stand to win a Grab voucher!

Psst, here’s a tip. Remember to Check and Clean your items before recycling them in Bloobin.

#RecycleRight #SGGreenPlan

Disposable Carrier Bag Charge at Supermarkets

What is this charge, and how much is it?

From 3 July 2023, larger supermarket operators with annual turnover of more than $100 million, will be required to charge at least five cents for each disposable carrier bag. The charge will apply to disposable carrier bags of all material types.


Why is there a charge?

The charge will prompt us to consider how many bags we really need. It is intended to nudge us to bring our own reusable bags and reduce the use of disposables.

Whether they are made of paper, plastics, or biodegradable materials, disposables have an  impact on our environment during their production, transportation, and disposal. The  consumption of disposables generates waste and carbon emissions, worsening the climate crisis.

The disposable carrier bag charge is an important step in our journey towards a Zero Waste Nation. It forms part of our efforts to reduce packaging waste, a priority waste stream under the Zero Waste Masterplan.

We can all do our part to live more sustainably, reduce waste, and conserve resources to safeguard our environment for future generations.

Which supermarkets are covered under the charge?

SFA-licensed supermarket outlets of supermarket operators with company-level annual  turnover of more than $100 million are covered.

The supermarket operators and their retail brands with SFA-licensed supermarket outlets covered by the DCBC are listed below.


As part of NEA’s efforts to promote awareness of the charge, outlets that are required to charge for bags will display the following posters and checkout stickers.

What are supermarket operators going to do with the charge proceeds?

The government strongly encourages supermarket operators to channel the proceeds from  the bag charge to environmental or social causes. Supermarket operators have indicated  that they intend to do so.


Obligated supermarket operators are required to publish information annually on the  number of disposable carrier bags supplied, amount of proceeds collected, and how the  proceeds are used. This will ensure that there is transparency and accountability in their use  of proceeds.

What should I do to use fewer disposable carrier bags?

You can use fewer disposable carrier bags by bringing your own bags to shop.

You can also adopt a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle, such as reducing your use of disposables, buying only what you need, and recycling right. This will conserve resources, reduce waste, and extend the lifespan of Semakau Landfill.

Find out more about how to Say YES to Waste Less here and how to Recycle Right here!


The above has been extracted from NEA’s webpage on the disposable carrier bag charge, as of 3 Jul 2023.

For more and latest information, go to go.gov.sg/dcbc.


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